Corneal Topography is a scan of the cornea which maps out the curvature of the cornea. This tells us if the shape is normal or not.

It is required in patients where the shape of the cornea is altered e.g. in ectatic disorders like Keratoconus. Kerataconus is a disorder of the cornea in which the uniform dome shape gets irregular and conically protrudes in one particular zone. Keratoconus is also associated with corresponding thinning of the cornea in those areas. The thickness of the cornea is measured by a test called Pachymetry.

These tests are also done for individuals planning a LASIK surgery. These tests are very important and the basis on which we can decide whether or not a patient is fit for surgery.

It may also be advised for patients with high cylindrical power, or routinely changing numbers in order to rule out Keratoconus.

There are various different types of Topography machines. At Jehan Eye Clinic, we have state-of-art equipment.

We have the newest version of the Tomey Topography machine- TMS 4N Topographer, and Digital Ultrasound Pachymeter- Pachmate 2.

Dr Kareeshma Wadia routinely works with Topography scans of different machines eg. Pentacam, Sirius, Orbscan and is well versed with interpretation of each.

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