What is ICL?

ICL stands for Implantable Collamer Lens. Similar to a contact lens that is worn daily on the surface of the eye, this is a specially designed material which can be injected into the eye and rests on the individual’s normal crystalline lens. It requires a short surgical procedure, to enter the eye and carefully place it inside.

Who requires ICL?

Not every individual can undergo a LASIK. For these people, ICL is a promising and permanent option. These usually are the people with very high spectacle powers or those with thinner corneas who are not fit for ablative laser procedures. The ICL is also highly recommended for keratoconus eyes, once deemed stable. However, this too has certain pre-requisites for adequate depth in the anterior chamber to fit the lens inside. Speak to your Doctor regarding pros and cons.

Dr. Kareeshma Wadia routinely performs all these procedures. Speak to her for more details on what is the best option for you.