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Jehan Eye Clinic is a center for skilled clinical excellence, and aims at being par with the latest technology at all times. It is headed by Dr.Kareeshma Wadia-Havewala, who is a well known Cornea Specialist in Mumbai. She also specializes in Cataract and Refractive Surgeries.

We treat a number of different eye conditions, namely cataract, infections, allergies, glaucoma and many more. Offering a warm and friendly set-up, our clinic assures you high standards of eye care at affordable prices. Being a Cornea Specialty clinic, we treat a variety of corneal disorders like Keratoconus, Bullous Keratopathy, Keratitis, Corneal Dystrophy, etc and perform highly advanced surgeries for the same.

Doctor's Profile

Dr Kareeshma Wadia-Havewala completed her Medical education (MBBS) from PadmashreeDr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pune and went on to pursue her Post Graduation (D.N.B.) in Ophthalmology from the prestigious Bombay City Eye Institute, Mumbai. During her training there she was a part of multiple social and charitable camps and has travelled extensively to interior Gujarat and Bihar for surgical cataract camps to treat the underprivileged.

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What people say

Vaibhav GherwadaVaibhav Gherwada
07:30 24 Apr 24
Dr. Kareeshmaji is very thorough, caring, and knowledgeable. Her staff is friendly and always smiling. Thank u for taking such great care of my eyes! 👀🙏🏻❤️🙂
Mehdi SyedMehdi Syed
08:30 21 Apr 24
One of the best doctors.Really helpful.
Puneet HansPuneet Hans
03:29 25 Mar 24
I had a cataract surgery on my left eye and used trifocal lens. The full process was completely seamless with no hindrance to my regular daily routine. Thanks Jehan Clinic for the wonderful experience.
Hur JafferHur Jaffer
03:30 23 Mar 24
I underwent Oculoplasty surgery DCR, with Dr Kareshma. It was one of the best experi In overall care. They calmed me down and explained me all the way through the procedure. Even post op care is excellent. Really happy with the overall procedure and result.
Sarosh AibaraSarosh Aibara
15:10 22 Mar 24
I went through a painless cataract surgery for both eyes and Indian trifocal lens is used. Dr. and her support staff were extremely professional yet homely which is the biggest support to the patient. Wonderful overall experience
Dionne D'melloDionne D'mello
14:20 22 Mar 24
Dr. Kareeshma is our world. She is what a doctor should be! Hands down, a doctor we can blindly trust and know that she will do the best!My grandmother had a fall and eyeball tear. Surgery done was emergency corneoscleral tear repair. The operation went very well and I really don't know what we would've done without her! Literal life saver!Highly recommend! Do not look anywhere else!!
Kautul ShethKautul Sheth
07:57 04 Mar 24
What exactly is the most important thing a patient needs?In my opinion, coming from a doctors' family, I have always seen that what the patient needs the most from a Doctor, specially in cases of specialists is for the Doctor to be patient and comforting given in many cases the patient is either nervous or under-confident. The relative with the patient also is looking for the best possible care and conduct in this regard.My mother needed her Cataract surgeries done and due a discomforting experience with our previous ophthalmologist, we decided to take a second opinion and consult Dr.Kareeshma Wadia. We knew her, since my wife had consulted her regarding a possible issue with her eyes. Going to Dr.Wadia, was the best decision we made, and this was clear in our first consultation itself.Prior to Dr.Wadia, we had so many per-conceived notions regarding cataracts and the surgery and the after-care. But so many of our myths were broken with the valuable education that came from Dr.Wadia. She explained the need for surgery in both the eyes at the earliest and we clearly understood why. Her style and manner to educate, make aware and explain the case is SUPERB and this makes both, the patient and the relative, get at ease at once. With the psychological hurdle out of the way, taking a decision and a step forward was a cakewalk.Not only did our myths get broken but the treatment, the surgeries and the recovery went unbelievably smooth. My mother was absolutely comfortable with both the surgeries; later she couldn't stop talking about how Dr.Wadia made her feel easy all through the procedures.So, if you are looking for the "best Ophthalmologist Surgeon" look no further! Dr.Kareeshma Wadia it is, without doubt.One more thing, I, as a relative, would like to add is about the assisting staff at Jehan Eye Clinic. They are very efficient, caring and very prompt and clear in all communication on consulting, pre-surgery and post-surgery instructions. Dr.Kareeshma Wadia has clearly set pretty good and high standards of patient care and her team is doing a good job assisting and following her and maintaining them high enough.We sincerely thank Dr.Kareeshma Wadia and Jehan Eye Clinic for everything. Thank you. 🙂
Sahana ArunSahana Arun
15:16 23 Jan 24
Recently got my husband’s cataract surgery done for both the eyes. Dr Kareeshma was friendly and courteous. She explained the whole procedure very well patiently & answered all our queries. Her staff is extremely friendly and cooperative.Clinic is immaculate. Highly recommend!!
10:36 11 Jan 24
From my initial consultation with Dr. Kareeshma Wadia, I felt very comfortable. She tested my eyes personally (no juniors) explained what was required to be done and the whole cataract process. I did not think twice about getting the cataract surgery for my right eye done with her and did not challenge the lens to be inserted as per her recommendation. Even her reception staff and the doctors/staff at the time of the cataract surgery were very efficient. I would recommend Dr. Kareeshma to my friends and family for any eye problem/ procedure. Thank you Dr. Kareeshma.
Lalita MenonLalita Menon
09:00 05 Jan 24
I'm delighted to have the opportunity to express my gratitude & appreciation to Dr Kareeshma Wadia.Dr Kareeshma is not only professional but always attentive to my needs & concerns. Dr was a great & patient teacher for 1st time contact lens user.Dr Kareeshma's staff are also very friendly, polite & helpful.Very hygiene OT & Clinic.Overall wonderful experience, have referred to friends & family