Blade v/s Bladeless LASIK

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Precision in surgery is what every surgeon and patient chases- and this is the main advantage of a femtosecond laser.

The conventional LASIK involves 2 steps – In the first step we use a microkeratome – which is basically a mechanical motorized machine that uses a blade to dissect a thin layer of the cornea to create a flap. The second step involves applying the actual excimer laser that reshapes the cornea, and thus treats the required number.

Femtosecond Laser has been used since over a decade to create the flaps in LASIK surgery. This was originally referred to as “Bladeless LASIK”

Why do you need it?  Because it is safer and provides faster visual recovery! Additionally, it provides more safety in special cases where the cornea is thinner or has extreme curvatures-too thin or too steep. The Femtosecond Laser can be customized as per each patient’s needs e.g. the flap thickness, the flap size, the shape of the flap edge- thus making it more precise and catering to each individual eye as per requirements. The final excimer laser that removes the number is same in both procedures.

Do visit the link below to see my published data on how Femtosecond flaps are more predictable than microkeratome flaps.