OCT – Optical Coherence Tomography

Why is OCT done?

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT Scan) is a non-invasive scan done as a diagnostic procedure in the clinic, which uses light rays to take cross sectional pictures of the different structures of the eye.

At Jehan Eye Clinic, we have the Huvitz OCT which can give us cross sectional scans as well as 3D images of the Retina, the Optic Nerve (which is affected in Glaucoma) and the Cornea.

Why is OCT done?


OCT of the retina can be done to diagnose and treat many disorders of the retina such as:


OCT of the optic nerve is done to give an objective analysis of the Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer that surrounds it. The optic nerve is what gets damaged in disorders like Glaucoma/ Optic Neuritis.

Progressive serial scans help us to check for progression of Glaucoma. This can help decide if medications/eye drops need to be changed/added or surgery needs to be done.


  • OCT of the Cornea gives us a cross sectional scan of the cornea.
  • This is useful to check depth of scars or lesions in the cornea e.g. in Corneal Dystrophy.
  • The Huvitz OCT at Jehan Eye Clinic also gives multi point radial scans of the cornea giving us Global Pachymetry (thickness of cornea ) across multiple points in the scan. It also gives Epithelial Mapping which is of particular importance in planning treatment of disorders like Keratoconus.


The Anterior Segment OCT is an additional equipment of the OCT with which we can visualize entire angle-to-angle structures in the Anterior (front) chamber of the eye.
This is useful particularly to check the angle of the eye (in Glaucoma), assessment of Phakic Lenses, any foreign body/cysts lodged in the eye.


The Huvitz OCT at Jehan Eye Clinic is additionally equipped with Fundus (Retina) Photography. This gives us an actual photograph of the retina and nerve- and helps in actual visual comparison of structures on subsequent follow ups.

How is OCT done?

OCT scan is a short 5-7minute non invasive scan done in the clinic. Your Doctor may Your Doctor may have to dilate the pupils for better visualization of certain structures. 

The scan is based on the principle of light travelling inside the eye, and so may not be possible for those with Cataracts/ bleeding in the eye, which prevent light from reaching the depths of the eye.

OCT Scan In Mumbai

OCT at Jehan Eye Clinic.

Our clinic is equipped with the new state-of-the-art OCT machine of Huvitz, Korea. It gives high precision scans within just a few seconds.

OCT Scan Machine
OCT Scan Machine
Patient performing test on OCT scan machine
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