What is Squint Eye?

Squint Eye is a deviation of the eye from its normal position. Most commonly they are deviated inward or outward, but rarely upward or downward deviations may also be present. It is not just a cosmetic problem, meaning that squint eye may often be associated with reduced vision. Any child with a squint in the eyes should immediately be evaluated by an Eye Doctor, to check for spectacle number, a cause of the squint and appropriate Squint Eye Treatment (surgical correction may be required for large deviations).

What is lazy eye?

A lazy eye often develops from childhood, when the involved eye is not used to its maximum visual potential. E.g. if one of the eyes is squinting, or has a high spectacle power, all the visual signals going from that eye to the brain are blurred. Hence the brain learns to ignore that eye. Eventually, that eye will lose its potential to have good vision.

This is called “Amblyopia”. It is best treated when picked up in early life, ideally before the age of 8-10years. Its treatment involves patching/covering the good eye so that the affected eye is forced to be used.


Dr. Kareeshma Wadia routinely performs all these procedures. Speak to her for more details on what is the best option for you.