I took treatment for my red eyes but the drops didn’t work and it keeps coming back every 4-5 months

Red eyes don’t always mean eye infection. They may also be a part of Allergic Conjunctivitis. Mild cases can be treated with short course of drops, but typically eye allergies are recurrent in nature.

They can flare up with increase in dust exposure/ change in weather/ known atopy/ associated skin rashes/ associated asthma. Your doctor may prescribe you certain medications for immediate relief, but you may occasionally need some medications to continue long term on a regular basis to keep the eye allergy in check.

This does not mean that the medications are not working. Each condition has its own natural course, and medication differs from person to person. DO NOT self medicate, as eye allergy treatment may often require a short course of steroid eye drops. When used under supervision they are very safe. It is self medication and abuse of these drops that create complications.

I keep having eye allergy and now my vision is blurred.

Eye allergy is often associated with increased rubbing of the eyes. This can produce a thinning and weakness of the cornea of the eye. This condition is called Keratoconus. It often co-exists with eye allergy. See your Doctor immediately to address this issue.


Allergy of the eyes presents with congestion and bumpy eruptions on the inner surface of upper and lower lids

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